As we clap key workers: demand PPE, testing and a pay rise


We will proudly clap our health, care and key workers today at 8.00pm along with millions of other people.

These workers need more than just a clap and a cheer; they also need Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), mass testing and a serious pay rise. Over 1200 workers called on Welsh Government to provide these in a letter last month.

This is why we are calling on people to raise these demands this evening – and every time – when they clap and cheer with the rest of their community. This can be done by either chanting a slogan such as ‘PPE, a pay rise and testing now’ or by holding up homemade placards.

Almost every day sees more Coronavirus deaths of health care workers. This must stop.

Yesterday, Mary Agyeiwaa Agyapong, a 28 year old Nurse from London who was heavily pregnant died after contracting the virus.

In Wales in the last 7 days there have been at least 3 Covid related deaths of NHS workers:

Leilani Medel, a 41 year old Phillipino nurse, who worked at Princess of Wales Hospital Bridgend.

Gareth Roberts, a nurse at Heath Hospital Cardiff, who had been working with critically ill Covid patients.

Donna Campbell, a 54 year old health worker at the Velindre cancer hospital in Whitchurch.

On Saturday, the biggest health union, Unison, wrote to First Minister Mark Drakeford demanding urgent action over the provision of PPE and said lack of protection was killing health workers. Now care homes have come into the frontline of this health emergency, with thousands of unreported deaths and low paid workers forced to deal with incredibly traumatic situations. This is intolerable.

The blame for lack of testing and PPE lies with the UK government and Welsh Government, who have failed to challenge Boris Johnson or take a different course.

When England’s Health Secretary Matt Hancock said health workers were ‘overusing’ PPE, he was trying to deflect blame from his own failings on to the very people whose lives are being risked. We do not clap with him, but with the workers his government has failed.

It is vital to not only clap and cheer, but show real solidarity with these workers. They care for us, keep us fed and deliver essential goods and services. They need protection, testing, and a proper pay rise now.

(Main image: Steve Eason)

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